• Daniel A Lopez

Beyond The Gig Economy

Regular jobs have been badly hit in the pandemic. Countless low-skilled breadwinners are turning to gig work through platforms or, often, in the shadow economy. They join the 20% of adults who can’t take a job. They must constantly find work that fits around fluctuating medical issues, caregiving or parenting commitments. Headlines over the AB5/ Proposition 22 battle obscure the range of issues people in this irregular employment face.

On Tuesday, October 27, East Bay EDA will host Beyond the Gig Economy, a 2020 Speaker Series webinar exploring the future of work and alternative marketplaces and models for irregular work.

We are excited to be joined by Wingham Rowan, founder of Beyond Jobs, whose company’s technology was used in a redesign of the British government safety net. His company’s technology is now behind a pilot project in Los Angeles County called CalFLEXI, a sophisticated platform for all types of hourly labor built around protections, control, stability and progression for work-seekers plus quality and alignment for businesses that use flexible labor. Launched with the support of a public agency, this program won the 2018 US Conference of Mayors’ prize for best economic development initiative in the nation.

Wingham will share learning from the British programs, talk about the launch of the CalFLEXI pilot, and share thoughts about the potential for expansion and replication in other markets such as the East Bay.

Make sure to submit your questions for the Q & A in the registration form. This webinar is open to both members and non-members.


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