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Our History

Admitted by Rotary International December 4, 2018.

The club’s composition is  extraordinary. The objective of the club is to connect committed, community minded volunteers in the pursuit of service through friendship without the traditional meeting constraints of the past, thus the name Northern California Gateway.

Victor Georgiou, Danville CA Rotary, was the Governor’s Representative tasked with guiding new members through the Charter process. Joyce Chiu, a former Danville Rotarian, was also active from the beginning. While there are 72 other clubs in the district with over 3500 members, population growth has outpaced Rotary’s growth, in part because of the culture shift away from the weekly sit-down-meal meeting.

The new club concept embraces engagement over meeting attendance, retaining the network of community-minded friends approach that is the core of Rotary. Participation in projects is a large part of attendance. Members may also attend meetings online.

But don’t get the new members wrong: As flexible as the club may be in terms of presence, the focus on joint implementation of social

projects is paramount.

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